What is the High School Football Network?

Beyond The Friday Night Lights

Nations #1 Leading High School Football Streaming

Smart-phones and mobile devices have become an essential part of our daily lives. In the past, high school football games have been played for only the lucky fans in the stands. Some teams have now begun to live stream their games to the internet, but viewership still remains low for several reasons. Limited bandwidth on the receiving end, a poor feed to the source, and the fact that the viewers have to remain stationary in front of a computer to watch the feed; all lead to a flawed experience. Now, with High School Football Network, your games can go beyond the Friday Night Lights and access a much larger audience.

It's more than just streaming.

It's more than just watching football. Follow High School Football Network on social media and get the most recent report of top recruits of who are playing on the Network. The staff at HSFN keeps tabs on all of MS high school football, so when you're looking for the most recent report look no further.